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C.S. Grohs .- Lead Wood Technician

N.R. Sheaffer - The Chronic Student


We both are the communicators, photographers, documentors, lovers of craft, and drivers of product, but please be reminded that Chris is the fisherman.

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Terrawood Design Company is dedicated to bring all of its clients and participants a worthy experience and connection to the historic craft of woodworking and fabrication. We choose to envelope as many tools as possible into our tiny shop in the Historic District of Michigan City, IN. A woodshop, perhaps, could exist anywhere and functionally make what its intended to make. The Southern Shores of Lake Michigan hold a special place in our hearts. It is here where we wake up in the mornings and stroll from our upper level "Lush Loft" that we designed and built ourselves and occassionally make available through AirBnB, to the dirty concrete sidewalks just South of a coal burning facility known as NIPSCO and just East of the infamous Arcelor Mittal. The area is filled with rivers, lakes, and fishing steelhead, Kings, Coho, Pike, and if you're lucky the occassional Walleye which can be made into a delicious sandwich. There's also hunting and foraging which we are avid connoisseurs.. While you can also enjoy these activites in other areas of the globe, this has brought us to the determination that we reside in this area not for woodworking, or fishing, or foraging and serene walks through the Indiana Dunes National Park, but we live here for our friends, family, and clients which we adore and can not and must not live without.


At Terrawood, we invest ourselves into learning new ways of innovating our shop and learning from masters in the craft. We are very inspired by the material and respect greatly what each piece (however small) is designed to accomplish. Overtime we have added new tools and skills to our portfolio (such as metal work and public/private workshops). We have expanded our opportunities for others by including workshops where we can share and develop craft with others within our community. Our main focus will continue to be commissions, however when we have open space in our daily agenda we work to develop new designs and grow with the skills we currently obtain.




Our shop is considered a Full Shop, like a Full Bar which can produce any beverage you might enjoy to consume and will find the means to produce the best quality product. We gear into handtools, carving, woodturning, steam bending, milling, floor applications, cabinetry, vacuum press, veneers, spray, welding, painting, lumber processing, the list goes on. We are proud users of Festool and are fortunate to utilize an incredible dust collection system by Oneida. We believe in quality. We believe in timeless. We believe in heirloom. 




When it comes to passion, this is the root of it all. We could continuously strive for the perfect joint and the sleekest design with the most perfect live edge balance, but without you our work sits in a dusty dark corner of the world and we lose our worth and balance as makers, craftspeople, and woodworkers. We want your experience to be delightful. From the moment you open our website, to the moment you have dinner in the dining room with your new harvest table or set family pictures on your floating shelf, we strive for your experience to be simple, comfortable, and transparent. We value YOU.




We work honestly and endlessly on the craft of woodworking in order to make the experience solid for ourselves and the client. We guarantee quality by including infomative steps of our process, updates during the process, and handling proper care instructions for you to keep you piece looking new for years to come. If you have issues in the future or some damage has been inflicted on your piece, never hesitate to contact us and let us know what's going on. Chances are there are solutions and our team has been known to excell at problem solving.