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By terrawooddesign, Aug 3 2017 02:17PM

If you look around you just might find a hidden message in an unexpected place. We built some barn doors out of very old salvaged lumber from a barn not long ago. Now when you spend time alone in a woodshop with a pile of lumber, working on fashioning it into this or that, your mind has a tendency to ask questions and your hands answer them. Detail - of hidden answers we stamped into our doors.

By terrawooddesign, Aug 3 2017 02:12PM

A close friend of mine owns a fair amount of forested land around LaPorte county. This land is managed by a big lumber company that comes in cuts veneer logs now and then. I'm quite impressed at their operation. It's selective cutting with minimal impact. I stop in to these woods once in a while and if I get luck I find these great chunks of wood that they leave behind. This is the first node of a big Poplar tree they cut a couple years ago. Fungus has taken hold and begun the spalting process. This was too good to pass up....