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By terrawooddesign, Dec 17 2017 07:45PM

If you've been to our shop or taken our classes you know we like to run Festool sanders in conjunction with Festool Vacs. Together they make a heck of a good (relatively) dustless sanding system but there is a catch. This system is spendy and to add to it, the Festool vacuum bags are NOT cheap. We spend about $5 per bag everytime we catch a gallon of dust and we make a lot of dust! It's not uncommon for us to go thru 2 or 3 bags a day.

Enter Oneida's Dust Deputy. I've seen this odd contraption before at woodworking shows but always passed it off as just another gimmick being marked to hobby woodworkers. It's a type of cyclone seperator that swirls the air around and allows the dust and big stuff to drop out of the incoming air and fall into a dedicated dust bin BEFORE it goes into the Festool vacs $5 bag. At a little over $200 it's about the same price as 40 Festool vac bags. We smoke thru vac bags like crazy so I decided to try one. They SUCK in a great way. The dust does indeed fall into the bin before it has a chance to make it into the vac bag and the vacuum suction is just as good with the Dust Deputy conncected as it is without.

I should have invested in this Dust Deputy system long ago but I was a bit of a skeptic. It might be a little cumbersom to haul on the road but for use in a woodshop I can say I highly recommend it. If you are not on the Festool bandwagon there is a stand alone version of this that fits on a 5 gallon bucket. I have not tried the stand alone version but I plan to equip our jobsite tools with these now that I know how well they suck.

Find the Festool version HERE or the stand alone type HERE

Cheers to clean air and less vac bags!