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Each slab of maple, walnut, cherry, or sycamore can expand the creative tools into something new. While some pieces demand for a certain base, some designs might be rigid and demanding for their own function. Our commission process is simple and efficient to create what you are envisioning or we will gladly reproduce a piece that you adore from right here in our portfolio collection. Our lumber stock has been milled and stored for proper drying time by our Terrawood team. When each slab has had sufficient time to dry cure in a protected outdoor environment, it is then ready for production where we acclimate the lumber and design the piece according to your needs and the parameters of the chosen slab. We will assist you in choosing the piece that both you enjoy and fits the intended project.





We are fortunate to live here in the Midwest where we are surrounded by hardwoods. Maple, Oak, Walnut, and Cherry are abundant in most forested sites and some grow along the roads edge or perhaps in your backyard. Now, we arent a huge manufacturing shop, so we are treating the felled lumber with the utmost respect and are utilizing the material to the best of our ability and gearing in to the most sustainable methods. The process is a long, educated, and patient process. In fact one year of dry time minimum for each one inch of thickness [most of our slabs end at 12/4].



When you've decided that you are really ready for a piece of furniture that is not only an heirloom furniture but is also a piece created with your ideals and intellect involved, we start here. There is a short list of questions to answer about your ideas and if necessary we start with a few ideal pieces of lumber for you to choose from. This chosing part of the process will be directly related to live edge tables or veneered burl wood cabinetry door facing [the choice in lumber will not relate to all furniture commissions]. Once we have moved forward with the species and style of your design the lumber will then need to acclimate to the internal woodshop environment. Without doing this part of the process it adds a high rish of your piece warping and becoming structurally damaged very quicky into its life. This part of the process can take 2 weeks to 2 months depending on thickness of the wood.


During the acclimation phase we will define the design further and get a great sketch of whats to come and whats to be expected. At this point we wait for the wood to become primed and then we begin the building process and continue until the piece is finished.

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