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What you first have to understand about Chris is that there has always been and will never not be fishing. Yes that's right. Straight forward and honest here folks. Wood does not come first, fishing does. This is coming straight out of the mouth of his fiance'/ co-worker/ live in roommate (I see him alot and trust me, fishing is what drives him to make some really remarkable goods). Okay, slow and steady philosophy with a great deal of coffee may ALSO be crucial.


We CAN have intense philisophical conversation about flow, about mastery, and about craftsmanship, about waste less do more, and those conversations are generally (mostly) about woodworking and how to connect with the process and what to do with it all when a project is complete. There's so much more to the principle of the matter and that's where one day history will be told on many pages with instructional influence just as influence has driven Chris to become driven within himself to work endlessly with his craft. In all great transparency, he has moved fearlessly and that nature has opened many doors to learn new skills and devour the mechanism in the process (no matter how hard it is to chew down on the details). However, even though those doors became open, CS Grohs would not, will not, and shall not leave that room until near perfection satisfied and satisfies his eye.





We work with wood. We want your experience with your product and the production of your piece to be remarkable. We believe that if we produce a product with passion it will carry through for generations to come. That's exactly what we intend to do- make a quality product that's timeless in aesthetic and will have a signature design that makes it a one-of-a-kind unique piece that we can all fall enamoured for.


We work together as a team of two. Each day is filled with learning new skill sets and applying what tools we have already obtained. We strive for sustainable efforts, both energetically and material based. We appreciate the material and its ancient practice and expansive resources through growing and differing cultures. There is never a day more important than today to become more disciplined with practice,





C.S. Grohs .- Lead Wood Technician

N.R. Sheaffer - The Chronic Student


We both are the communicators, photographers, documentors, lovers of craft, and drivers of product, but please be reminded that Chris is the fisherman.

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