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A bulk 90% of our product is built with lumber that we've processed down from tree to slab to dimensioned planks. Our stock consists of Maple, Walnut, Cherry, and Sycamore. Occasionally we will process Oak and Ash, but this is the minority in the crowd. The nature of our area hosts predominately hardwoods, so soft woods aren't within the fence for us but we do utilze these when needed. Our stock is organized by log and ordered in a way that we can choose a few different pieces applicable toward a project for our clients. This is an exciting way to open the door on a project and reconnect with slabbed lumber that has been dry curing and waiting for over 3 years.  We dry at a slow rate to keep each board stable. If we naively rushed the process cracks, checkers, cupping, and warping could take a beautifully figured piece and make it irreversably firewood [now don't get us wrong we love to have a nice outdoor fire, but we think there are other ways!] We want your furniture, accent piece, or installation to look immaculate and funtion properly for years to come. The process starts with us properly caring for each piece, and that is exactly what we strive to do.



We do have the ability to process felled trees. If you have a tree that you are interested in processing down, please see the form below. Currently we have the capabilities of processing 10 ft sections and will assist in the storing and drying of your lumber. We do have the ability to store your slabs for a specified length of time (dependant on the thickness) and of course we would love to turn any of this into a working piece for your home if interested. Pricing for process trees is highly dependant on size and location. We run a flat rate and expand from there. Once you have gone through the deed of filling out the details, give us about 3 working days to get back to you and we will then coordinate pricing, scheduling, and any technicals after that.

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