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Landing Net Class 8/8 - 8/10

$1.00 (Sold out)

If you know us here at Terrawood, you know we love fish as much as we love wood and what better than combine our passions and make a landing net.  In this workshop we will resaw lumber, steam bend an assortment of wood species and form them into what might be the finest net you could hope to land a trout in and best of all you will have made it yourself.  This is a 3 day (evening) workshop and class size is limited to 4.  Because of the steaming and tools used we would like to keep the ages 13 or above for this workshop.  No prior woodworking experience necessary.

8/8 (Tuesday) 5-8pm
8/9 (Wednesday) 5-8pm
8/10 (Thursday) 5-? pm

We will provide:  
All materials except the net bag.  Because this is very much a personal preference, you will be sent info on types and where to buy it ahead of time.

You will need to bring:  
Dusk mask.  
Pair of gloves for handling hot wood.
Net bag of your choice.