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Below you will find a supply list for our various workshops. Please bring the items on the list with you to class.  Whenever possibly we encourage you to source your items locally. We realize that some of the supplies on your list might be a little tricky to find so we have included links to help you source the harder to find items.  

1 pair of 180mm longboard trucks.  


Set of wheels that are close to 70mm in diameter.


1 pair of 1/4" riser pads and 1.5" bolts + nuts.


1 set of bearings.  You don't need to go too crazy with fancy bearings.


*Optional - Skateboard wrench - very handy for making adjustments on the fly and also keeps kids out of dad's tool box.    

Skateboard Works:

Chopping Block Class:

Food-safe butcher block oil.  We use a product called Howard Butcher Block Conditioner on all of the kitchen items we make.  It has a little bee's wax in it and it holds up longer than most oils.  

Trout Net Class:

A Pair of gloves for handling hot wood coming out of the steamer box if you have them.


1 Net Bag around 35-40" diameter for "small hand nets".  We use the Brodin Eco Clear rubber nets (size small) but they can be a bit tricky to source.  Fishpond also makes a very nice clear net bag (size 12.5") that we use when Brodin is out of stock.  


*Optional - Net Release.  I lost a net fishing in the Driftless outside of Viroqua, WI and will never make the mistake of not using a leash again.  We use the Fish Pond releases.  They have a really nice rubber attachment point that won't scratch up your net, stays put and looks good too.  They are much nicer than the cheap Chinese made releases.