2020 production, drawn & designed by: client for their home

The Process

Our goal at Terrawood™ is to produce fine-crafted & attractive designs that fit to the consumers desire.

From the desire to acquire a purely local piece to fulfilling a specific idea and use, the process is collaborative between client & maker – from the start.

Q and A

How do I get started?

Inspiring images or drawings [even those from our page] are perfect ways to get the conversation going as well. Send a link or images of drawings to our contact email info@terrawooddesign.com.

Asking for what you want without knowing what you want can be a vulnerable process. We get it! The first step is to reach out. Contact us and we can help guide you to where you want to go. Pictures of the space that you are trying to fill is a helpful direction to start.

Why do I need to submit my budget?

Designing within a budget is crucial for us to do our job right. Terrawood™ places an emphasis on quality and finely-crafted works. Whether an installation in your home or a furniture piece, we want to make sure that the design remains realistic so that we can all succeed.

Will Terrawood™ work with my drawing?

Yes! We strive to collaborate with each client to: a) work within your budget and; b) achieve the design you love, even if that design started on a napkin.

Can I have Terrawood™ mill trees on my property?

In short, yes.

We will work with a client to produce slabbed or dimensional lumber from an already fallen tree. We do not fell trees, as this part of the project would have to be done prior to the milling operation.

If the lumber is to be utilized in a project designed & produced by Terrawood™ we will discuss the curing & drying process per situation.

I have my own lumber. Can I have Terrawood™ produce my project with my lumber?

We do consider client contributed slabs and dimensional lumber for certain projects.

During the second phase in the commission process, we survey the lumber for integrity under the sensitivity of the design.

How long does it take?

Each project has its own timeline which we communicate based on the final design.

Good work takes time.

Phases of the Commission Process

Phase 1 – Initial Consultation

For you: This is when you reach out and express your interest & answer a few pertinent questions.

For us: This is when we first meet you & your idea virtually and start processing the reality of the project.

For both of us: If this step feels like a win, which is compatible & realistic within the design criteria, then we move forward to phase 2 – The Design Phase.

Phase 2 – The Design

For you: The excitement chimes in and the collaboration of design & timeframe begin to clarify. A 10% non-refundable deposit is applied toward the project cost. Once the project design and timeline are approved, we move forward to Phase 3. If you decline, the detailed design drawings are your property.

For us: Gears start turning and we apply the 10% down payment toward collaborating and completing the final design. This step involves: pulling and acclimatizing the lumber for the project, designing in depth the final piece, and setting up a timeline for fabrication. We await your approval of the design. If approved, we then move forward to Phase 3.

Phase 3 – The Build

For You: At the start of the build phase, we request a 40% of project budget draw for the project to move into fabrication. This is used for supplies, materials, and other expenses. During the build, you are welcome to visit the shop during any point. However, some parts will be more exciting than others. You will receive updates via avenue of your choice, text or email, of the process. If you see an exciting step underway that you would like to see, let us know, we will be certain to keep the door open for you.

For Us: The Terrawood shop is all hands on deck processing, laying out, and fitting each part of the build. We document as much of the process as possible and catalog this per project for the client and our portfolio.

Phase 4 – Completion & Delivery

It is done! At this point we request the final balance due.

If your project is completed onsite there is no need for delivery! If your project is built in our shop, you can arrange for pick-up and delivery by an outside party or arrange for delivery through Terrawood. Delivery fees vary depending on the transport required and distance traveled.

A final statement and care instructions are provided for all productions.