Black and Grey stacked lumber storage in a pole barn with a man in paid shirt and hat in the background

With the grain

Without trees, there are many things in life we can not, could not, and would not be. As wood workers it is our fundamental awareness to support the natural cycle and beauty of a tree, and as a collective, the forests.

side view of large walnut slabs stacked in barn

Patience In Practice


large silver maple slab with cream colored background


Large Maple slabbed lumber with dimensions written on figured crotch and cream background

Stacked & Stored

black and grey photo with man standing next to giant walnut lumber stack and white barn in background

A skilled process utilizes the tree as a raw material in the most profound way. Without skill, we waste.

End grain slab stack of lumber in black and grey many slabs in the background

After The Fall


two walnut slabs hanging on wall with woman in black and cream background

Years of Collection

The slow cure process maintains the appearance, the color, and the integrity of the fibers throughout the depth of the trees heart. The lumber stock of a woodworker identifies the connection to the material. It identifies the truth & harmony. The complete care of the raw material by which a craftsman exists proves the respect that is so well deserved.